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  • Czech Republic, 1993: national fertility survey nationally consultant sample of gals aged 15-forty four N=2,249 all marital statuses (sixty four% married, 3% consensual union). Resource: Czech Statistical Office environment et al. , see reference two.

    (Micro details files from this examine were being also utilized for first analyses. )rn

  • Finland, 1993: formal governing administration data women getting authorized induced abortions N=ten,342 all marital statuses (27% married). Resource: Hämäläinen H, Rasimus A and Ritamo M, Tilastotiedote Statistikmeddelande: Aborttitlasto 1993 , Helsinki, Finland: Countrywide Investigate and Progress Centre for Welfare and Wellness (STAKES), 1995, No. rn
  • Netherlands, 1983-1987: subnational healthcare facility/clinic-based mostly survey clinic admission stats of gals of Caribbean descent who had had an abortion N=230 all marital statuses (twelve% formally married, sixteen% widespread-regulation marriages). Resource: Lamur HE, Attributes of Caribbean-born girls getting abortions in an Amsterdam clinic, Genus , 1993, IL(3-4):a hundred thirty five-a hundred forty five. rn
  • Romania, 1993: countrywide fertility survey national house sample of females aged 15-44 N=4,772 all marital statuses (sixty three% married, 4% consensual unions).

    Source: Romanian Ministry of Wellbeing, see reference two. rn

  • United States, 1987-1988: countrywide survey of facilities questionnaire distributed to abortion patients N=1,900 all marital statuses. Supply: see reference 8. (Micro facts information from this study were also used for orginal analyses. )Footnotes. rn* The U. S.

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    review (see reference eight) is a single instance of this tactic. The survey used a self-administered questionnaire, which may perhaps have had the added edge of encouraging women of all ages to be open and truthful in their responses. rn† Estimates of induced abortion from fertility surveys in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Romania, for illustration, review favorably with official data. (See: National Institute of Nourishment, Kazakstan Demographic and Well being Study , 1995, Calverton, MD, United states: Macro Global, 1996 Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Uzbekistan Demographic and Health Study , 1996, Calverton, MD, Usa: Macro Worldwide, 1997 and Romanian Ministry of Overall health, Institute for Mom and Boy or girl Care, see reference 2. ) Nonetheless, this is not generally the scenario: In the 1993 Czech Republic Reproductive Health Study, for instance, women’s claimed amount of induced abortions was approximated to be only forty five-fifty% of the official degree of abortion (see: Czech Statistical Office et al. , reference 2). rn‡ For case in point, the Finnish examine employed explanation types of “40 yrs or more mature ” and “>=four little ones ” to imply a female had experienced an abortion to limit births because she was as well previous to have a little one or mainly because she currently experienced a substantial household in the Philippines, the classes “presently aged ” and “little ones growing up ” were being also classified in the “restricting ” group of motives. More, studies in Indonesia, Kenya and Honduras did not have the childspacing and halting factors utilized by many other international locations. In its place, they applied other categories associated to beginning timing, these kinds of as “having a child will disrupt education and learning or work ” and “remaining far too younger to have a kid right now.

    “rn§ The problem that elicits this reaction is typically posed as follows: “Would you like to have a (one more) youngster or would you prefer not to have any (far more) children? ” For expecting respondents, the concern is preceded by “After the little one you are expecting . “rn** Even though comparison of women’s responses on these two sorts of questions would have been beneficial, this is not achievable because only a single study (the 1987-1988 U.

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