Legal Talk: Contracts, Liability, and More

Yo, it’s time to talk about legal stuff
From contracts to liabilities, we’ve got enough
First things first, let’s chat about the law
Estrada Legal Consulting, they know what they saw
They give expert advice, guidance as their creed
When it comes to legal matters, they take the lead
Want to know about photo consent forms, you say?
Well, here’s the lowdown, it’s the legal way
What is a photo consent form, you’re wondering aloud?
Here’s the legal requirements, and how it’s allowed
Contracts, oh contracts, what font are they in?
Here’s the answer, in a font that’s no sin
Bar at Law admission, what does it require?
Learn it all here, no need to enquire
How long do option contracts last, you wonder with ease?
Here’s the legal considerations, listen up please
Property law in Singapore, it’s quite a sight
For all the legal ins and outs, you’ve come to the right
Wondering if a Master of Legal Studies is worth your dime?
Expert analysis and insights, it’s not just a rhyme
Contract liabilities versus deferred revenue, what’s the deal?
Here’s the key differences, for your legal meal
Finally, the Omnia Cooperative Contract takes the floor
Legal considerations, they’ve got a whole lot more
Don’t forget the civil contractor letterhead format in Word
For professional legal templates, it’s what you’ve heard
So there you have it, legal talk in a rap
From contracts to liabilities, we’re all set to unwrap

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