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Our Services

Customized Consulting

We provide customized consulting services in all aspects of algorithmic trading business. Our current and potential clients are mid-size individual and institutional traders who want to automate their trading, add new strategies and improve existing ones.

Customized Backtests

We build customized backtests linked to gigabytes or even terabytes of historical data optimized for speed, implement sophisticated numerical algorithms and produce user-friendly output for the users to make their trading decisions from.

Code Implementation

Most of of our custom code is in C++ and Python, but upon the client needs we can implement models in MATLAB and R

Machine Learning

Machine learning expertise. Has a partnership on large scale projects with PredictNow.AI, a financial machine learning company
High-end hardware including GPUs.
HIgh quality historical data.

Trusted by leading vertical SaaS, marketplace, and ecommerce platforms

Our Team

Sergei Belov

Founder of Belov Consulting
  • Got bachelors and masters degree in math from Moscow State University
  • MIT PhD in differential geometry and string theory
  • Has 25 years of Wall Street experience, most of which is in algorithmic trading
Sergei traded currencies, futures and crypto-currencies for banks and buy-side trading firms

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